Script Analysis and Overall Budget Analysis

Your Project Will Cost Money... But How Much?

As a successful Producer, Writer, Director and Actress who has been actively working in the industry for 25 years knows, projects cost money. Jillian has written, produced, directed and starred in several short and feature films and has extensive knowledge in almost every aspect of a film. As such, Jillian is able to give an entire cost estimate breakdown just by reading your script! Many people making films now go into such not knowing anywhere near a ballpark figure on a budget. For instance, you need a location analysis for settings, you need a character analysis, you must know the union costs if you plan on using union actors, you must know the costs involved if you show even one animal in your film, permit costs, etc. The list can nearly go on forever! Let Jillian utilize her extensive experience and get you what she would believe to be your total project costs. 

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Usually, before any investors will invest in your film, they would like a budget analysis by an industry professional. Wright Road Productions offers this service. Click below to contact us to schedule a call.